My Sexy Open Back Gym Tank

Sexy Back Tank Top

Sexy Back Tank Top

YOU think it’s just my daily routine at the gym but it’s way more. I’m a Goddess on the Stairmaster. The men, they line up on the treadmills behind me to see me climb up the steps. I give them a show that sends them in the shower lathering up their cocks and thinking of me. I stick out my ass with each step so they can see my pussy pooch from behind. Every step is a twist and a push. My sexy open back gym tank keeps the men staring at my muscular back. The sweat, it makes my back glow. The muscles in my back have the men wishing they could ride me from behind. Where are you while I’m doing all this? At work of course.

~ Victoria loves to play

Cuckold Phone Sex


Husband strokes cock while I ride a bull in the swimming pool

Hot summers equal cool pool parties in the back yard. When the sun goes down, the tiki lights shining and a drink in the hand it is so relaxing. That is why I feel so ashamed that I could not resist getting so many cocks in my pussy in the pool. A soft hug and a peck on the check soon turns into pool fucking. My husband was expecting us to swap with a sexy couple but I couldn’t stop riding this bull cock in the pool while my husband sat at the patio table stroking his cock.

Hot Summer Pool Fucking Parties.

Hot Summer Pool Fucking Parties.

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My Husband Loves My Cock Sucking Lips

How many husbands take a picture of their wife’s mouth and save it as a screen saver? I don’t know but mine did.

Who thinks I should make him a close up cock sucking video with my iphone and then send it to his iphone? 😉

dick sucking lips

Happy Friday to all the swingers!

If you are in Dallas Texas, a great place to meet new Swinger friends is Pappadeaux.
It's Friday Meme

Meeting another couple for dinner and drinks tonight at Pappadeaux’s. Should I make my husband watch me get fucked before letting him play?

Watching me get fucked while getting his cock sucked would be a treat for him.

What if the wife doesn’t want to full swap play or is secretly after MILF beaver.  hmmm… I’m okay with multi-tasking.

I’m actually looking forward to sending them out the door early so we can have private time. My husband’s cock is so hot after watching me suck and fuck someone else.

Doesn’t all cuckolds love to suck and lick all over their wife after a hot creamy episode of swinger fucking?

Happy hour in Dallas and day players

My husband loves Wednesdays in Dallas. That’s when the day players play. You can always find meetups in Dallas on Wednesdays during happy hour. The best thing  about the mix is timing! There is this mixture of energy and relaxation around 5pm at the cocktail bars.

My Favorite Part is Bringing the party to my hot tub after happy hour ends.

Hot Tub Party

If you were my Cuckold what would you be doing while I flirted with a man in the hot tub?

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Dirty Martinis live jazz and cum

We had a great weekend! My husband and I went to a lovely restaurant for diner. A great jazz band played while we talked and laughed with friends. We invited a single friend and a couple we know.

A hot wife has to keep her weight down so I was sipping on dirty martinis made with Chopin vodka.

My friend Ann called and said she wasn’t able to be there because her son had not brought back her car. I know exactly where Ann lives and asked my husband’s single friend to drive me there. I had 2 martinis tonight so I didn’t want to drive.

 I was quick to insist my husband stay and keep our friends company

As soon as we got got into the car I was not shy about sliding my hand over his bulge  I looked him in the eyes and said, “can I taste your cock?” He quickly pulled his cock out and held my long blonde hair as my thick lips slid up and down the shaft.

I know I was just being greedy but I wanted  to ride his cock too.

He quickly pulled me up on his cock, I slid my panties to to side and I began riding his cock. He grabbed two hands full of ass, pulled me in tight and we fucked deep and hard for 15 minutes. I felt him shoot his cum ball in me. I hurried and slid my panties back over my pussy lips to keep  it from running down my legs.

When we finally arrived back to the restaurant I sat next to my husband. I leaned into him, slid my cum soaked underpants in his pant’s pocket, whispered in his ear, “I brought you back dessert.” 

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Dirty Martini

Husband caught me fucking in the hot tub

Eh! Not sure how long he was in the house. I can’t see inside the house as well as he can see out. I’m sure he was standing at the  french glass doors watching me get my pussy pumped for 45 minutes.

Just standing there for 45 minutes while I get fucked over the edge of the hot tub.

It must have caused him so much pain and grief watching me take a cock that was so thick  and then watching me cream all over it. I know his face went flush. The uncertainty if wither I’ll fall in love with that young cock or just move along as usual.  I must admit, it was some really nice cock. I mean, he was such a heavy cummer.

Two of my most favorite things, a fat cock and a heavy cummer. both connected to the same man. 


hot tub romance

Cuckold Humiliation

So who wants  humiliation phone sex? I know not all cuckold men want to be humiliated but there is definitely a market for that. If you like to be laughed at and humiliated while listening to a cuckold fantasy call this number: 1-800-648-2430

Humiliation Fetish

Humiliation Fetish

Small Cock Humiliation

Small Cock Humiliation

Cuckold Fantasy – Cooked Eggs

Sweetheart, could you cook me some eggs? That’s what she said just before she walked back in the bedroom sat on his lap and began making out with him. The guy that is banging his wife.

As you’re in the kitchen cooking you can hear them fucking…

The life of a cuckold can be difficult. Having a wife that is sexually demanding comes at a cost. Keeping her sexually satisfied is like keeping the belly of a momma grizzly full.

Their fucking now… you can hear them rocking back in forth in bed.

She’s moaning.. She does that moan when she has something in her she likes.

You’re gripping the spatula in one hand and standing there looking at the egg carton.

It doesn’t take long for eggs to cook… They’ll be fucking for prolly the next 15 minutes.

You walk toward the bedroom… You can see the bed from the wall mirror while standing in the hallway.

They can’t see you standing there but you can see it all…. All her pleasure.

He is mounting her now….

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