My husband picked out a sexy bull to join me in the hot tub last night. We turned our backyard into a sexy oasis. After fixing cocktails, we made our way out to the hot tub cabana. My BF and I stripped naked and got into the hot tub. Hubby sat on the couch and lit a large cuban cigar and proceeded to watch the news. My new boy toy and I proceeded to explore each other’s bodies in the hot tub. I grabbed the hot tub lube and slid on top of him in the middle seat. Sucking on his tongue and straddling him with his cock inside me. We began making waves in the hot tub. My husband took notice and started stroking his caulk through his pants. I continued riding my boyfriend, moaning and splashing water everywhere. My tits flopping against his chest as my pussy pushed his cock deeper into me. Just as my boyfriend and I climaxed, I noticed my husband had his cock out and was coming too. Time for cock-tails

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