Cuckolding Verses Hot Wife Play

Getting ready for a date as a married woman is a little different than as a single woman. I remember when I was single, I would prepare alone, without any outside influence. As a married woman, I have someone in the house encouraging me, telling me how beautiful I look when I’m all done with hair and makeup. Regardless if this is a hot why or a Cuckold situation, it is pretty much the same process in the beginning. As a hot wife, the husband encourages health and beauty and sometimes questions about the male suitor. As a Cuckoldress, the process is pretty much the same in the beginning. Where the two differ usually begins once the couple meets. A hot wife might simply prance around and be the object of desire for the husband without much discussion about the date. When the husband engages as a Cuckold, he is included in the erotic process. When I go out as a hot wife, my main focus will be on my date and having a great time. I might be simply going out with the girls or solo to dance, flirt and meet new people. When engaging the Cuckold fantasy with my spouse, I’m more likely to bring my date home, let him meet my husband, explain to my lover that my husband will be nearby. I might have my husband cook dinner and serve us drinks. I’ll flirt on the couch with my lover in front of my husband. Kiss and caress my lover in front of him. I’ll take my lover to the bedroom and proceed with kissing and lovemaking with the door open. This gives my Cuckold an opportunity to fantasize and engage as he pleases. My Cuckold might listen from the other room. He might stand at the door and watch or provide novelties like lube, toys and cocktails. A Cuckold that is present while his spouse is actively getting fucked hard and enjoying euphoric pleasures is likely to begin masturbating from this. In a hot wife situation, the husband might stay busy with other things and just take pleasure knowing his wife is empowered to be sexy and free. I have engaged in both. I enjoy both thoroughly. Labels can be fluid and change in a fetish relationship. A partner may not always act out the fetish of a Cuckold. The world loves to give labels to people. Just because a person engages in a behavior, doesn’t mean that they can’t be more than one thing. Just because I’ve enjoyed the pleasures of being a hot wife, doesn’t mean that I’m not other things in different situations.

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