How he found out he was going to be a cuckold

Robert took his wife to a toy store to pick out a vibrator to spice up their sex life. She also needed something to keep her happy while he was gone on business trips. Unbeknownst to him, Wifey had picked out a very large and very black cock as her toy of choice. He thought she might find something that looked just like his cock. That she might say “Oh, anything bigger is too much” but no. She proudly walked straight to the biggest black cock on the shelf and declared it as the one she desired.

Robert’s wife desires big black cock as her cock for pleasure. Clearly she loves Robert but to make his wife happy, he clearly needs to step up and get her cock before she goes out and finds it on her own. She’s not a shy woman and she knows what she likes being shoved deep in her pussy. It’s just a matter of time before Robert is her Cuckold and finding men to to satisfy her desires.

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