Legs of a sexy girl in white leggings in the gym. Mock-up.

It’s 5 AM! Time to slip into my silky Lululemon yoga pants and get ready for the gym. First order of business is herbal tea. Then I start my pre-workout drink and head out the door with my gym bag and slide into my new Cadillac. I love to drop the top of my coup so I can get my morning vitamin D. God knows I need my morning “vitamin D”. I arrive at the gym, my PHAT ass stretching the yoga pants to their limits. My personal trainer Roberto is happy to see me. He loves taking me to my limits. He helps me stay fit. The best part is the sexual attraction between us. After my workout, he pulls me into an empty yoga room, locks the door and slides my pants down to my knees. He puts my hands on a brass pole that’s attached to the wall, bends me over and slides his huge cock deep inside me. He thrusts and grinds into me while holding the inside of my waist and pulling my hair back. Finally, after a 15 minute steamy fuck, I hear him grunt, thrust deep inside and hold position as he dumps his load deep inside my pussy. We quickly get dressed and exit the room. God, I love my workout routine.

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