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Armando is one of our technicians at work. He works really hard. I am in an administrative position. I tend to get a little bossy at times. I asked Armando to get me something out of the supply room. He handed it to me and I replied, “what is this? That’s NOT what I asked for.” I was in a bit of a hurry, the stress was building inside me. I didn’t mean to insult him and I believe a coworker heard my crass reply.  His natural response, and I don’t know why he thought this would be appropriate but he raised his hand and swiped the air as if he was going to spank me. He was clearly pissed at me. It startled me. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep” I said, cut him a smirk and quickly walked to the supply room to get it myself. He paused a moment and then followed me. While I’m leaning into a box to get what I need he stepped in right behind me. I could feel him unusually close behind me. I took my hand and raised it to a steal bar holding the shelf. I slowly raised my other hand and gripped the other bar. I looked forward, never acknowledging his presence. I pushed my ass out just a bit. He moved in and I felt him breathing on the side of my neck. He whispered, “you’re being a bitch today.” I felt a swift and firm slap on my ass. It was loud and stung so badly, my face turned beet red from embarrassment. My whole body flushed with adrenaline. I don’t know why but my pussy became soaking wet almost instantly. He reached from behind and slid his hand under my shirt and down into the front of my pants. His fingers went directly between my engorged lips and entered into a wet sticky pussy. He put his other hand against my stomach, pulled me in and whispered in my ear, “The next time you need punished, just ask. Maybe you won’t be such a bitch.” He turned and made and exit. To give myself time to put myself back together I began acting as if I was counting stock. After about 5 minutes I was able to exit with a straight face. I quickly made a bee-line to my office to pretend to read “important” emails as I cooled off. WOW!

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